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Glowy Co. is dedicated to providing exceptional services in Teeth Whitening, Permanent Jewelry, and Spray Tanning.


Give your teeth a boost with our cosmetic teeth whitening! During your appointment, you’ll go through 3 whitening rounds (70 minutes). $175



Permanent jewelry (aka infinity jewelry, bonded jewelry, or forever jewelry) is a unique method by which we fuse together two ends of a chain to create a seamless, elegant strand of gold or silver that adorns the wrist, neck, or ankle. It is a painless process that leaves you with a piece of jewelry you may shower and exercise in, and never have to worry about taking it off. Permanent jewelry is a beautiful way to honor self-love, or a unique experience to commemorate the bond with your BFF, family member, or significant other. It's suitable to all ages and genders, so book an appointment for you and all your loved ones! Up to TWO (2) pieces may be purchased per appointment slot. If you would like 3+ pieces, please book an additional 20 minute appointment slot. Groups of TWO (2) can book one appointment slot if they're each doing one piece. If booking for more than TWO (2), please make sure to purchase an additional appointment slot per person, or make sure every individual in your group purchases their own appointment slot. Bracelet: $60 Necklace: $120 Anklet: $70



Basic Custom Tan An organic, vegan , paragon-free and cruelty-free solution that can be customized to your IDEAL tanned shade! Featuring Aloe Vera, Walnut Extract and Vitamin C for a gorgeous, natural tan. 6-8 + hour processing time before shower! (30 minutes) $40

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